Vendor Finance

Vendor or seller finance is a smart tool with some great advantages that will help you close a deal when selling costly capital equipment. Zenith Finance allows you to offer clients financing on a range of business equipment or vehicle purchases.

Why choose vendor finance?

Avoid heavy discounting

Offering an attractive financing plan means you don’t have to rely on discounts to make a sale. Many vendor financers sell “add-ons” with the product and increase sales volume.

Protect and boost sales margins

Agreed payments over a certain period means you may increase your bottom line profit on the equipment, car or product.

Close more sales

Letting your customers know they can pay, say $600 a month over 5 years rather than $33,000 today is a really powerful sales tool.

Offer more value

Offering vendor finance means you don’t just solve your client’s equipment, product and vehicle problems, but their payment problems too. You become the total solution.

Who can you offer our vendor financing to?

You can offer Zenith Finance financing to all businesses that:

  • Have been operating for 2 years or more
  • Own property
  • Have a good credit history
  • Are profitable.

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How it works

At Zenith Finance we get to know you and your situation so we understand exactly what you need. Then we’ll contact banks and lenders to negotiate the best interest rates and loans on your behalf. After that, we’ll clearly explain the different options and implications in a way you understand. Choose the plan that works for you and leave the rest to us!

For years we’ve been helping individuals and businesses make the purchases they need to grow their businesses or build the lifestyle they want. From small businesses to large operations, Zenith Finance can find a suitable finance package for you. Our expertise will save you money with tax optimisation, flexible payment options and cash flow benefits.

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